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Why would you want to get your school, your children, your neighborhood, your organization or even yourself involved in DOING something for other people?  Because there is that thing, that nagging feeling inside you that makes you feel empty, like there has to be more to living than just waking up, eating, doing some stuff, eating, doing more stuff, eating, then doing a few more things and then going to bed.  Life can actually be way more fulfilling than that!


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Ready to find out how you can change the world just by changing your socks?  This is where the details get ironed out.  Click the button below and you will be whisked to a world where changing your socks can change someone's life.

You can launch a Change Your Socks Campaign where you lead a group to collect change in a sock for a designated period of time, then donate what you raise toward a Change Your Socks Foundation Project.  Click the button to find out more.



Our website is currently in a state of reconstruction.  We do not have all of the new features up and running, however online donations are NOW accepted, OR you may send donations to our mailing address at PO BOX 327 Fenton, MO 63026.  Please put ATTENTION KIM SCHMIED Treasurer     We have chosen to go LIVE with our site because we are raising EMERGENCY RELIEF FUNDS for the people devastated by the typhoon in the Philippines.  We just returned from the disaster zone and are mounting a return trip in the next few weeks. Because we are presently based in Malaysia, we are able to travel to the Philippines for a small flight cost.  Additionally we will likely be staying in tents.  Our water may come from rain water, or collected and then filtered through a scarf and treated with a UV pen. Our costs are already covered so 100% of the donations we receive will be used for relief purposes.  Our plan is to begin building houses and replenishing fishing boats.  These may include water collection containers, sardines and other non perishable proteins, baby formula, blankets, tarps, a cooking pot, and generators for villages.  No donation is too large nor too small.  We can build a small home for a small family for about $1000.  We can provide a fishing boat for about $1500.    The number of people helped begins to multiply as the donation grows.  

Donations are tax deductible.   

“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.” 
― Martin Luther King Jr.